An update from the manager Andrew Lister


In this podcast we are joined by Andrew Lister, manager of Aberdeen Emerging Markets Investment Company. Here he discusses the opportunities in emerging markets today and how they're being reflected in the Trust's portfolio. He also discusses the global economic recovery and its impact on emerging markets.

Recorded on 14 May 2021.

Discrete performance (%)

Year ending 30/04/21 30/04/20 30/04/19 30/04/18 30/04/17
Share Price 49.0 (11.8) 0.6 13.4 32.8
NAVA 49.4 (11.2) (0.1) 11.7 32.2
MSCI Emerging Markets 35.5 (9.1) 0.3 14.3 34.9

Total return; NAV to NAV, gross income reinvested, GBP. Share price total return is on a mid-to-mid basis.
Dividend calculations are to reinvest as at the ex-dividend date. NAV returns based on NAVs with debt valued at fair value.
Source: Aberdeen Asset Managers Limited, Lipper and Morningstar.
Past performance is not a guide to future results


Emerging markets and the Covid crisis update


How have emerging economies weathered the Covid storm? In this Macro Matters podcast, we look across Latin America, Russia and Asia to understand the different challenges facing emerging markets along the road to recovery. Our host Stephanie Kelly is joined by two of our Emerging Market Economists from the ASI Research Institute, Robert Gilhooly and Edward Glossop. Together, they discuss the Covid crisis from the perspective of emerging markets and the implications of the crisis on future growth prospects.


Risk Warning
Risk warning
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